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Gentle Chiropractic & Holistic Health Coaching

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Chiropractor Longmont for Holistic Care

Rejuvenate Your Health at HG Wellness

chiropractor firestoneIf you’ve been sidelined by pain or have settled for less-than-optimal health, we want to help you at HG Wellness. Longmont Chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Drake takes a patient-centered, holistic approach to caring for her patients. She’ll look at the underlying cause of pain or dysfunction and then will determine what approach is needed to get you on the path toward restoring and maintaining health. Caring and compassionate, Dr. Drake takes the time to listen to her patients’ needs.

We also offer a Complimentary 15 minute Discovery Session so you can find out more about Dr. Drake’s healing methods and make an informed decision if we are the right fit for you!

Releasing Nerve Interference

Though the body does adjust itself regularly, if it cannot, it needs assistance, that is a chiropractor’s specialty! Whether you fell off a bike, slipped on ice or had a car accident, those are all physical traumas. We also experience microtraumas daily. If you sit all day at a desk on the job or do something repetitive like construction work or carrying a baby on a hip, those accumulate microtraumas on our systems.

Special Events BannerToxins from the environment and even the food (sugar, caffeine) that we eat can impact our health. We also have thoughts, both positive and negative, which can affect our health. For example, you can get a physical pain or stomachache from being upset. Chronic pain typically has a strong emotional component. Those three things, TRAUMAS, TOXINS and THOUGHTS can all cause nervous system disturbance.

My job is, first of all, to see if there’s something in the spine I can adjust to release that interference but more importantly find out what the cause of it is. Dr. Jennifer Drake, Chiropractor Longmont


Performing Gentle Adjustments

If you don’t like the idea of hearing a popping or cracking sound during an adjustment, Dr. Drake can employ the Koren Specific Technique (KST). It uses the ArthroStim® instrument and is very gentle. From helping patients of all ages with conditions ranging from allergies and asthma to depression and digestive issues, Dr. Drake gets results that speak for themselves.

Improving Your Quality of Life

In addition to chiropractic care, Dr. Drake offers high-quality HumanKind homeopathic products to her patients. She also recommends that patients take probiotics, fish oil, and fruit-and-veggie-based supplements.

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Complimentary Discovery Session

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