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Written Testimonials

I recommend HG Wellness to anybody!

I wasn’t looking for a Dr…. but I’ve found the perfect one! Nobody ever told me, nobody ever suggested a Chiropractor for me, my back is fine. But it is SO MUCH more than that. After we met, she gave me a FREE consultation, and it sounded like EXACTLY what I need. I have been seeing her now, once a week for 10-15 minutes, for 2 months. I am losing weight, walking better, and using my right side more…. Other people are telling me this, it is not only me that sees it. Things can only get better from here. My 13-year-old daughter is a patient now too. I recommend HG Wellness to anybody. Dr. Drake is helping my body to heal itself. She knows how to listen to your body, and she loves Jesus like we do. HG stands for His Glory! That seals the deal for me! ♥

~Danielle R.

Remarkable Improvement!

We have been seeing Dr. Jen for several months now. My son, who has very bad seasonal allergies, asthma, and several food allergies, has seen remarkable improvement since seeing Dr. Jen. He does not need his inhaler when he’s running anymore, and his nebulizer is pretty much a thing of the past. He is also able to eat a lot of the foods he couldn’t eat before. It’s been great to see him thriving as a little boy finally!

~Tammy A